About us

Horizon INC. Ltd is a close–knit team of highly skilled people specializing in different fields, but united by one idea. All our traders, economists, analysts, and consultants have international experience working with an extensive list of various financial instruments.

Our team performs such tasks as continuous analysis and forecasting of the situation in the most diverse sectors of the cryptocurrency market. We have access to primary data on the events of the global financial market and competently use them to achieve our investment goals.

We are ready to offer each of our investors a wide array of areas for obtaining a stable profit:
1. trading of cryptocurrency assets on the stock exchange,
2. development and promotion of cryptocurrency tokens,
3. cryptocurrency extraction,
4. trading and participation in initial IPOs,
5. cryptocurrency mining.

We strive to achieve the highest performance indicators. Therefore, there is no priority area of activity for our company. Our specialists pay maximum attention to each of the sectors 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The main goal of our operation is to choose a promising investment area for each of the affiliates, in which they will be able to receive a stable income. A whole range of competitive advantages allows us to achieve this:

  • official activity;
  • skilled staff of specialists with many years of practice;
  • cooperation with leading financial corporations and news agencies;
  • guaranteed complete absence of possible risks;
  • round-the-clock support for all investors.

Our company does not underestimate its impeccable status. All our specialists carry out their activities strictly within the framework of international business standards. We place honesty and transparency for investors at the center of all financial transactions carried out.